Have You Been Accused of Committing a Property Crime?

A property crime is an umbrella term used to describe criminal acts involving stealing someone else’s property or destroying property. Some of the more common property crimes involve: Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Car theft, Arson, Vandalism, Robbery, Burglary, Trespassing, and Receiving stolen property. Each case is very unique with unique sets of evidence, and it’s important to call an experienced property crime attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you call, the better your chances of winning.



Property crimes carry stiff penalties, as can damage your reputation if someone does a background check on you.

Although not quite as serious as a violent crime, or a sex crime, property crimes carry stiff penalties Orange County. Any Orange County criminal lawyer can tell you that in addition to accusations of stealing someone’s property, there are numerous instances in which a person can be arrested for crimes against the property of another. These crimes usually encapsulate situations in which a person is accused of damaging the property of another without their consent. These can include crimes related to cars as well as crimes related to real estate or personal property. The level of severity of the crime corresponds proportionately with the value of the property that was damaged. If you are accused of committing a property crime, don’t hesitate to retain counsel, these cases are time sensitive and the earlier you call, the better the outcome of your case.

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