Recently a Chinese woman was physically harassed and set on fire. Some unknown people hit a Filipino American with a box cutter, and an acid attack took place on a Pakistani medical student. These are some of the many grave incidents that have started to occur against the Asian community living in America.

According to the data extracted from the police by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, the rate of anti-Asian hate crime reports has spiked to about 164 percent compared to last year. New York being top on the list, with the number of reported cases increasing from 13 to 42. A rise of 80% and 60% was seen in Los Angeles and Boston, respectively.

The situation in California is also intensifying, just like the rest of the country. Almost six million Asians reside in California, making up 15% of the state’s total population. They are facing the worst form of anti-Asian hate crime.

The ruthless and brutal attacks on Asians in America have been reported in previous years, but the recent surge is considered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Asians, especially Chinese, Japanese, Philippines, and Koreans, are targeted and blamed for the Corona Virus spread worldwide.

The federal government is trying to tackle the recent rise in hate crimes. The Senate has passed a hate crime bill to address such Covid related issues during the pandemic. The Senate accepted the bill with a clear majority of 94 votes; the only vote not in favor of the bill was from Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. While talking to the Senate floor, Chuck Schumer said that both the aisle members had worked together to reach a perfect decision whenever a pressing issue comes in.

According to the analysis of right activists and police, the unexpected spike in Anti-Asian hate crimes during the Covid-19 pandemic fueled because of the anti-Asian comments made by the former president of America, Donald Trump. On numerous occasions, the former president was seen blaming China for the origin of the Coronavirus. He used to call the virus ‘Kung Flu’ and ‘Chinese Virus.’

The efforts made by Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono and Representative Grace Meng require the employment of a Justice Department that will quickly overlook all the anti-Asian hate crimes incidents reported to the police during the pandemic. This action aims to help and guide the local law enforcement agencies in combating the new surge in hate crimes.

The bill also sheds light on guiding the local authorities to improve public education regarding the different communities. The people should be taught to live in harmony with people belonging to other sects and ethnicities. Awareness campaigns should be held against the discriminatory remarks connecting Asians to the Coronavirus.

Dick Durban, the Senate’s democrat, further added that such legislation would surely enhance the response of justice departments in minimizing the hate crime incidents against Asian Americans and the Pacific Islander community.

The United States President Joe Biden praised the Senate for the new bill to help fight off the rising hate crimes. The senators introduced the amendment in the Senate first as Jabara Heyer No Hate act. It was named after Khalid Jabara and Heather Heyer, who were the victims of a brutal hate crime incident. President Biden’s statement released by the white house said that he believes such a ruling decision will help Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders get equality and justice.

Mazie K. Hirono, the democratic senator of Hawaii and the bill’s sponsor, hailed the overwhelming response of other senators in the passage of this new amendment that will help combat the rising anti-Asian hate crimes. He further said that it sends a powerful and empowering message to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

The Biden administration seems to be making all the right efforts so that people in America are not harassed or assaulted based on their color, ethnicity, or background.

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